Insight + Wisdom

Calming & Peaceful

Increases psychic abilities

Decreases insomnia

Induces peaceful sleep

Protects from psychic confusion

Heals the Healer

Facilitates Healing

Spiritual Wisdom

Useful in Meditation



Courage + Radiance

Brings Success & Confidence

Helps with Manifestation of Goals

Creates Abundance

Draws Fortune to you

Relieves Self-doubt and Insecurity

Strengthens personal Power

Attracts Happiness



Love + Compassion.

Unconditional Love

Strengthens + Opens the heart

Aids in connection to Divine Love

Encourages Compassion

Stimulates Material + Spiritual Abundance

Encourages Trust and Gratitude



Truth + Understanding

Royal & Ancient

Stimulates the Intellect

Reveals the Truth

Allows you to hear the Truth

Supports clear communication

Protects against Negativity

Helps to overcome past traumas

Useful in Dreamwork



Strength + Connection

Powerfully Grounding


Aids in eliminating heavy metals

Promotes Self Confidence & Personal Power

Relieves Panic and Anxiety

Protects against Negativity

Brings Luck & Fortune


Lemurian Quartz

Clarity + Knowing



Protection + Vitality