Elixirs, Syrups & Oxymels Workshop


Elixirs, Syrups & Oxymels Workshop


Healing plants can be offered in many ways, from teas to tinctures. One of the most lovely ways is to preserve them as a syrup!

From spicy ginger syrup to cough elixir to the oxymel that incorporates vinegar into the mix, the sky's the limit!

Making syrups for cocktails or mocktails is super fun way to incorporate botanicals into your life.

When I started making elixirs fifteen years ago, they were a bit of a mystery to the average person, but now every household can find everyday uses for them.

Come build a knowledge foundation for creating your own sweet medicine for healing and entertaining.

Price includes all materials, snacks and elixirs to bring home.

Date: April 8, 11am-3pm


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