The Ritual of the Bath


The Ritual of the Bath


The Art and Ritual of bathing is as old as time itself. It has been a time to gather together, but now mostly a time to release our minds and rejuvenate our spirits.

Mix and match salts, clays, flowers & essential oils to create the perfect potion for your bath.


Together, we will learn about the properties of an array of botanicals and natural minerals that are perfect for purification, relaxation and for shifting energies.


We will learn about may products to use in your bath.

Salts, Scrubs, Oils, Soaks, Syrups, Teas and Masks.


We will talk about the history of bathing and offer ideas for creating a personal ritual for renewal and reflection.


Elementally, we are mostly water. We will explore more about the healing properties of water itself.


Price includes all materials, snacks and bath potions to bring home.

Date:March 18 2-6

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